[Clayart] Tile Cutting

W Seidl wjsmaine at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 14:19:57 UTC 2023


If she can secure the tiles to a surface, perhaps with 2 sided tape, she 
can score the tiles with a Dremel tool or an angle grinder with a 
masonry blade. The tiles should then snap when the score mark is placed 
on a rigid surface edge, such as the edge of a piece of plywood or a 
countertop with the overhanging part pressed down.

The score does not need to be too deep, just through the surface 
glazing. If she is concerned about damaging the surface of the tile, a 
piece of blue or green (painters) masking tape will protect it while she 
scores it.

If the tile is not thick, she might even be able to use a glass cutter 
to score it, much as one cuts glass.  The trick of course, is scoring 
straight lines, but running the cutter along a ruler can accomplish that.


Wayne Seidl

sweltering in Maine

On 7/23/2023 3:51 PM, Michael wrote:
> My niece is trying to cut some tiles, they are glazed & about the size 50 cent piece, I have no idea why she wants to cut something so small. Any ideas? Thanks Mike Gordon

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