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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Aug 26 15:10:53 UTC 2023

As I have indicated, I am coloring my clay with black iron.
I can control the color from very dark, to toast brown.
In the electric kiln I have been able to duplicate deep reduction
at cone 6.

I know that many of you are buying ready made white clay, sort of fake
porcelain. But I want my clay process to be unique. I fire electric cone 6,
gas fired to cone 6 and 7. almost no reduction to very rich reduction and
getting very fine functional pots. The 5x20 fits the clay perfectly and
of course I am getting 100% vitrified pots.

The pug mill that I have has paid for itself a thousand times.
With tremendous increase in clay and materials I am re/cycling all
the time, as I make mel6 by adding 20-30% earthenware clay to basic
cone 10 clay. A great deal of my clay body comes from a friend who
does production work. My clay must go through my pug mill anyway, so
add redart and black iron and it about 80% free of charge.

I invest in pay ahead propane for the entire year. I am paying $1.52
a gallon. With prices going sky high, mine will remain the same until
next August.

The ingredients of 5x20 is not expensive.  nothing exotic.

Most of the cone 6 clay on the market was full of talc. now that is gone.
What are they doing for vitrified bodies?

I control that myself.
The pug mill is not a toy, or helper, it is a must if you use a lot of clay.
And, your clay body becomes unique. Not the same as 500 potters in your area.
But, best of all, you alter the clay body to fit your work.  My mel6 body throws
like a dream. Dries well, fires with great color no matter the kiln.

website: www.melpots.com

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