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Hi Mel!
      I have used 5× 20 in the past. It works well on white and buff
stoneware. But it gets a little funky on iron clays. If you use it as a
clear on a clay with iron, it really clouds up.
     I oversee a pottery studio at a nonprofit art school. I have to find
glazes that are predictable for all levels of students and three different
cone 6 clay bodies. So I spend a good amount of time testing glazes.

Fire and Clay

On Wed, Aug 23, 2023, 6:17 PM mel jacobson <melpots at mail.com> wrote:

> for new friends on clayart
> 5x20 is an old recipe that ron roy sent me years back.
> it is basic cone 6 melts nice.
> It came from one of the first digital programs.
> mel6 glaze
> equal parts,
> feldspar
> wollastonite
> silica
> frit 3134
> mix of ball and epk clay
> tin and zircopax mixed for
> opacity.  I do not weigh it out. i use a yogurt container.
> one scoop five times...add water.
> it is the only glaze i am using. one glaze, one clay, one kiln.
> hundreds of variations. it never gets old.
> I have suggested many times that having 20 glazes in a studio
> is the root for early schizophrenia.  find a base glaze that
> fits your clay body. make the glaze in a variety of colors and
> learn to layer that glaze.
> if you need a matt glaze for a commission, whatever, you can make
> a small batch quickly. there are thousands of recipes.
> Also, when you have a good glaze, you know success will follow.
> the best ecology is 100% perfect pots.
> why are there so many disasters in public firing? 15 different
> glazes in one kiln. no consideration that different glazes must
> be fired for that glaze. that means other glazes suffer. one size
> does not fit all.
> Most of what I sell is for food, eating, storing food etc.
> My customers really like the new glaze and clay colors.
> it is practical.
> I now do one day sales in Minnetonka with only facebook invites.
> they flock to buy. no mailing, just open the door. I post a price list,
> medium bowls $20 etc.  size only. I keep packing stuff on one table,
> they pack their own pots, drop money in a jar.
> This all started as I ran sales during covid. people loved it.
> get pots, pack them and scoot to the car.
> mel
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML
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