[Clayart] 5x20 recipe

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Wed Aug 23 22:14:47 UTC 2023

for new friends on clayart
5x20 is an old recipe that ron roy sent me years back.
it is basic cone 6 melts nice.
It came from one of the first digital programs.

mel6 glaze
equal parts,
frit 3134
mix of ball and epk clay
tin and zircopax mixed for
opacity.  I do not weigh it out. i use a yogurt container.
one scoop five times...add water.
it is the only glaze i am using. one glaze, one clay, one kiln.
hundreds of variations. it never gets old.

I have suggested many times that having 20 glazes in a studio
is the root for early schizophrenia.  find a base glaze that
fits your clay body. make the glaze in a variety of colors and
learn to layer that glaze.

if you need a matt glaze for a commission, whatever, you can make
a small batch quickly. there are thousands of recipes.

Also, when you have a good glaze, you know success will follow.
the best ecology is 100% perfect pots.

why are there so many disasters in public firing? 15 different
glazes in one kiln. no consideration that different glazes must
be fired for that glaze. that means other glazes suffer. one size
does not fit all.

Most of what I sell is for food, eating, storing food etc.
My customers really like the new glaze and clay colors.
it is practical.

I now do one day sales in Minnetonka with only facebook invites.
they flock to buy. no mailing, just open the door. I post a price list,
medium bowls $20 etc.  size only. I keep packing stuff on one table,
they pack their own pots, drop money in a jar.

This all started as I ran sales during covid. people loved it.
get pots, pack them and scoot to the car.

website: www.melpots.com

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