[Clayart] Shimpo pugmill question

Catherine Conneely cconneel at yahoo.ie
Wed Aug 9 19:33:47 UTC 2023

Hi all - 
First time poster, long time fan!
I have a Shimpo pugmill (Model NRA-03) that I bought it from a working potter a few years ago, but never needed to use.  I decided to sell it on, but in the process of cleaning it out for the sale, discovered that a small part of one of the screws has cracked off.  It's at the top of the screw where the screw goes into the coupling between the screw and the motor.  I ran the pugmill very briefly without any clay, and the missing piece doesn't seem to impact the turning of the screws. I found the broken off piece in the hopper so potentially it could be reattached.  
All your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and quips are welcome!!
Thank you,Catherine

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