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A Unique Way to Relive Some Memories

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Somewhere in Catalonia

The Essence of Frenchtown, New Jersey

Merrellyn’s Grandfather

My Mother-in-Law

Here is a great idea for reviving some memories by giving your old film negatives new life! If you’re anything like Merrellyn and me, you probably have a bunch of old negatives of your children, your friends, your vacations, your extended family, your ancestors, and an array of images from your past. I can use my flatbed scanner to digitize your negatives and either do some custom editing with them to create a timeless look, or use any technique that might suit your fancy. As you can see from the photos above, I can revive old images on film in a very straightforward way or I can add a touch of glamour. I can’t, though, convert a black and white image to color. On the other hand, I can convert color to black and white. I would need to obtain, either by mail or via in person pickup, an original negative from you. After the project is completed, I will return the negative to you in perfect condition. Although I can also do this work by scanning old prints, negatives in good condition contain much more detail and allow the creation of the highest quality images possible. Please contact me with details of any project you have in mind. I can provide you with either digital files or with prints. We can discuss pricing after I understand your needs.

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